Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring Sydney

With its hardiness and ability to repel liquids the vinyl flooring stocked by Flooring Shutters and Blinds is a popular choice for installation in kitchens, laundries, and other spaces prone to water exposure. Thanks to our vinyl flooring Sydney properties can stay dry without experiencing water damage.

Once installed our beautiful and bespoke vinyl flooring helps Sydney residents enjoy their homes without worrying about potential water damage. To view our extensive range of durable and resilient vinyl flooring solutions get in touch with us today.

Sheet Vinyl Flooring Sydney

Available in a number of vibrant and expressive patterns and styles you will find the sheet vinyl flooring for your Sydney home. Able to be quickly installed in living rooms, kitchens, working environments, and other spaces, our vinyl sheet flooring is made from the highest-quality materials to ensure that it lasts a long time. Cut to size and able to deliver decades of faithful service our sheet vinyl flooring gives Sydney locals a flooring solution that they can trust!

Loose Lay Vinyl Planks Sydney

At Flooring Shutters and Blinds our passionate team of specialists aim to provide our customers with a complete flooring experience. With our loose lay vinyl planks Sydney residents can better customise the vinyl flooring they have installed to better suit their specific needs and requirements. to discover more about how you can transform your property with our exceptional products and services call us on 02 4721 8008. To speak to our professional and knowledgeable team about our bespoke and resilient loose lay vinyl planks Sydney residents living and working in the metro area can drop us a line today to ask about our vinyl flooring, engineered timber flooring, timber flooring and laminate flooring.

hydromax bronx small img
Hydromax Bronx

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hydromax brooklyn small img
Hydromax Brooklyn

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hydromax chelsea small img
Hydromax Chelsea

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hydromax cooney island small img
Hydromax Cooney Island

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hydromax hamptons small img
Hydromax Hamptons

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hydromax harlem small img
Hydromax Harlem

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hydromax midtown small img
Hydromax Midtown

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hydromax queens small img
Hydromax Queens

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hydromax soho small img
Hydromax Soho

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hydromax staten island small img
Hydromax Staten Island

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aspire coastal blackbutt small img
aspire Coastal Blackbutt

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aspire-new england blackbutt small img
aspire New England Blackbutt

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aspire nsw spotted gum small img
aspire NSW Spotted Gum

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aspire-qld spotted gum small img
aspire QLD Spotted Gum

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aspire barn oak small img
aspire Barn Oak

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aspire buckskin small img
aspire Buckskin

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aspire crystal lake small img
aspire Crystal Lake

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aspire homestead small img
aspire Homestead

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aspire pale gorge small img
aspire Pale Gorge

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aspire silver moon small img
aspire Silver Moon

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aspire tempest small img
aspire Tempest

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aspire tumbleweed small img
aspire Tumbleweed

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aspire twilight mist small img
aspire Twilight Mist

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aspire warm springs small img
aspire Warm Springs

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korlok warm ash small img
korlok Warm Ash

This warm, mid-tone plank offers a consistent, neutral color. The straight grain detailing allows the product a certain subtlety, which lends itself well to modern and Scandinavian-inspired interiors.

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korlok canadian urban oak small img
korlok Canadian Urban Oak

Canadian Urban Oak boast hints of deep blonde, which has been lightly brushed to enhance the natural, light coloring. This versatile product is the perfect all-rounder, complementing all interior styles and would work particularly well in open plan spaces.

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korlok washed butternut small img
korlok Washed Butternut

Washed Butternut boasts a light hue with subtle gray undertones - a versatile design to suit all styles.

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korlok texas white ash small img
korlok Texas White Ash

Texas White Ash is a light-tone plank, ideal for elegant interiors. The original wood planks were only slightly enhanced to allow the neutral color tones to come through. The straight grain detailing adds a crisp, clean finish to any interior.

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karndean looselay ashland small img
Karndean LooseLay Ashland

Create a contemporary, elegant space with the soft white of Ashland from our LooseLay collection.

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karndean looselay indiana small img
Karndean LooseLay Indiana

The beige and cream tones of our Karndean LooseLay Indiana stone floor tiles create the perfect backdrop for nearly any decor style.

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karndean-looselay pearl oak small img
Karndean LooseLay Pearl Oak

Tapping into the European preference for light neutral tones, Pearl Oak is a modern and stylish wood.

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karndean looselay champagne oak small-img
Karndean LooseLay Champagne Oak

The light tones in this pale blonde wood reveal cross sawn elements across the planks which are sure to brighten any room in your home.

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karndean looselay cambridge small img
Karndean LooseLay Cambridge

LLP113 Cambridge depicts a washed oak floor with delicate open grains. The colors are highlighted by shades of tan and honey with a muted gray pastel wash.

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karndean looselay providence small img
Karndean LooseLay Providence

Providence incorporates distinctive open grain patterns and soft blonde highlights, embodying the comforting warmth of a traditional North American white oak.

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karndeanlooselay newport small img
Karndean LooseLay Newport

Our Newport Karndean LooseLay planks give you the authentic rustic appearance of unfinished timbers, without the practical difficulties of waxing, sanding or porosity of real unfinished oak.

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karndean colorado small img
Karndean LooseLay Colorado

With the modern look of sealed concrete, our light gray Karndean LooseLay Colorado stone floor tile is perfect for a contemporary space.

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karndean looselay country oak small img
Karndean LooseLay Country Oak

Karndean LooseLay Country Oak gives you the authentic rustic appearance of unfinished timbers, without the practical difficulties of waxing, sanding or porosity of real unfinished oak.

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karndean looselay looselay antique karri small img
Karndean LooseLay Antique Karri

The mid-toned color ways and realistic finish of Antique Karri makes it a perfect match for spaces with a neutral color scheme.

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karndean looselay tasmanian wattle small img
Karndean LooseLay Tasmanian Wattle

The classic mid-brown Karndean LooseLay Tasmanian Wattle is an ideal flooring choice for practically any space - and it comes with a lifetime residential warranty!

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karndean looselay weathered heart pine small img
Karndean LooseLay Longboard Weathered Heart Pine

The light hues of Weathered Heart Pine fit perfectly with current design trends, where contemporary interiors take on a ‘light and airy’ color scheme.

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